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2017 11th Annual Christmas Concert

We had an amazingly fun annual Christmas Concert in December. The students had been practicing for the whole second semester to get ready for the big event.

The students made decorations and Christmas cards to decorate the hall! They were beautiful.

Act 1: Drum Performance

The first of the acts was the drumming performance. Children from Deedee Dear and Robby Rabbits performed songs from famous fables.

DeeDee Deer 2: “Ruslan and Lyudmila”.

Robby Rabbits: “Carmen and Minuet”.

Robby Rabbits: “William Tell Overture and Minuet”

Deedee Deer 1: “Nutcracker Suite and In the Mood”.

Deedee Dear 2 came back on stage to perform drum medleys to the “Danger Zone, Thunderstruck and CARS”.

Robby and Deedee Classes came together to perform: “Tomorrow”.

Act 2: Song and Dance Performance

All classes got a chance to shine, singing and dancing to holidays classics in our second act.

Missy Mouse “Jingle Bells”.

Missy Mouse: “Feliz Navidad”.

All the girls singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”and all the boys singing”One Way or Another”.

Robby Rabbit: “Silver Bells”.

Deedee Deer 2: “Christmas Time Again”

Beanstalk Teachers: “What Christmas Means to Me”.

Beanstalk Mothers: “Beanstalk Christmas Special Medley”.

Students took a break and enjoyed the teachers and parents performances!

The students returned to the stage for their final performance.

Robby and Deedee Deer sang together- 2 Japanese songs: “Awatenbo no Santa Claus“and “Yuki ya Konko”. The final song of the evening was “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and we will see you at preschool soon!

Christmas at Kotobuki-sou

At Beanstalk we like to visit the nearby retirement home “Kotobuki-sou” a few times a year. Today, we went for our Christmas visit!
Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

All the children dressed in Santa costumes to the delight of the residents.
Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

We sang some seasonal Japanese songs- all the children worked so hard to remember them!
Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

After the songs and dances, children gave a gift that they made to the residents.
Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

Lots of residents came to see us out. Have a Happy Holiday and see you next year!
Kotobukiso Christmas 2017

Our Trip to the Fire Station

We had a great time visiting the Tenpaku Fire Station!
Fire Station 2017

On November 13th, Robby Rabbit and Deedee Deer classes visited Tenpaku Fire Station. We got to see so many cool things there!

We saw the emergency vehicles, like the fire truck… we got to sit in the driver’s seat!
Fire Station 2017

Fire fighters showed us the hidden parts of the vehicles, like the hose..
Fire Station 2017

Fire Station 2017

The walkie-talkie on the ambulance, and the switch for the ladder!
Fire Station 2017

We got to try on the fire fighters’ uniforms- they look great!
Fire Station 2017

Thank you so much to all the fire fighters!
Fire Station 2017

The weather was so nice, we walked to Tenpaku Park to play and have lunch.
Fire Station 2017

We had a great rest of the day playing with our friends.
Fire Station 2017

Fire Station 2017

We hope to go on another trip soon!
Fire Station 2017

Centrair Music Wings Fall 2017

We had a great time performing at Centrair Music Wings!

ビーンストークの園児たちは毎週ドラミングを練習しています。11月12日にはセントレア空港で行われた「Centrair Music Wings festival」という演奏会に招待されました。


Once again, Beanstalk Drum Company was invited to perform at Centrair International Airport for the Centrair Music Wings festival!


Here we are practicing for our turn on the big stage…



And then we got changed and ready to play! Everyone was so excited, and a little nervous, too.


We listened to the bands performing before us. It makes you want to dance!

Robby Rabbit Class performed first:Carmen and William Tell.



Deedee Deer Class 1 performed “In the Mood”



Deedee Deer Class 2 performed a medley of “Thunderstruck” “Danger Zone” and “You May Think I’m Crazy”.



Go, go, Deedee 2! All the children were cheering on their friends.



Last, we all sang “Tomorrow” from Annie together.



Robby Rabbit Class

Deedee Deer Class 1

Deedee Deer Class 2

Thank you to Centrair for this amazing opportunity, and to the families for coming out with us on a Sunday!


Halloween 2017 – Beanstalk 10th Anniversary Party!

We had a great time at our Halloween Party!! This year is our 10th Anniversary, so we had an extra-special celebration.

Halloween 2017!

Students and teachers alike worked so hard on the decorations, most of which were handmade.

Halloween 2017

今年のテーマは『Dia de Muertos』スパニッシュハロウィーンです。


Halloween 2017

First, we made a stop at Kotobuki-sou to visit our neighborhood grandmas and grandpas. We sang some English and Japanese songs.


Halloween 2017


Halloween 2017

Everybody say “Cheese!”

Halloween 2017


We are ready for the guests to arrive..! Climb up the stairs and join us!

Halloween 2017


Halloween 2017


Halloween 2017

First, students sang and danced to some spooky songs!


Missy Mouse Class (2~3)
Halloween 2017

Robby Rabbit Class (3~4)
Halloween 2017

Deedee Deer Class (4~6)
Halloween 2017

パフォーマンスの後は全園児、生徒さんをご招待してのディナーパーティーです。勤続10年のMiss Katherineキャサリン先生にはサプライズで表彰とプレゼントの授与がありました。

Then we had a dinner party with all our friends!
Halloween 2017
Halloween 2017
Halloween 2017

After trick-or-treating, it was time to go home. Thank you to all our students and families for making this the best Halloween yet!


See you next year!
Halloween 2017!